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Why do should Use Snapchatfilterz

We have hired most talented graphic design professional to create the On-Demand Geofilter, We have created plenty of design for all Personal Special Occasions, and Business Events. We provide fast turnaround time Design, and approved by snapchat for the events.

Which Countries does Geofilter available?

Right now, Geo-Filter are only available on Certain Country, Most of United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirate, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. We expect many other countries to become available soon.

What is not allowed Snapchat?

Snapchat does not allow hashtags to be placed on Geofilters. We have made design with “#” on design, you will be receive an error.

Alcohol related content are brand Name, Will not accepted, Icons related to glass, Champagne, Vine bottle, are not allowed in Middle East Countries like United Arab Emirate, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

How much does snapchatfilterz cost?

Our prices Starts for minimum of $5 USD for the Snapchat filter Templates, if you looking for customize starts with minimum of $6USD to depending upon the requirement.

What is turnaround time?

Turnaround time will be designing the snapchat filter.

When can I see the Sample Custom designed Snapchat filter?

When an order is place and completed the Payment Process, Our designing team will start working on the Event. Our email support team will send the sample Snapchat to requested Email Id only on the Order Form. If there’s no responses for clients or Customer end. (We will not be responsible If email Id wrong)

Does Snapchatfilterz offer customer support?

Yes, we offer extensive customer support– we want to make sure each snapchatfilterz customer has success with his or her filter. We are able reply all question via email with in maximum of 8Hours, it may varies on Weekends.

Can I ask question before I Make a Purchase the Order?

Definitely! We would love to answer any question(s) that you have. Send us a message to us on our contact page and we’ll promptly respond to you as soon as possible.